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How to Install to Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV Side Load Installation

How to Install on Amazon Fire TV

You can install in 3 Easy Steps via Sideload Method.
Note: Our app currently is not available at Amazon Fire TV Store search section to install. Please use below documentation to install directly to your Amazon Fire TV.

Step 1

Go to the Amazon Fire TV home page, then navigate all the way to the "Settings" tab on the far right.

Highlight "Device," or Device & Software," then "Developer Options.", If your FireTV has different options, Select Setting icon at Home page,then select Device & Software or My Fire TV > About . Then Select Your TV or Fire TV Model and click 7 times to enable Developer Options. You can also follow this video instructions to how to enable: https://youtu.be/BykXPWh9tQs?si=byxY-75oz4WUILe0 or https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqt_a_kxy_M&feature=youtu.be
Highlight "Apps from Unknown Sources", then press the center button. Select "Turn on" on the warning screen.
That's it-you're ready to install Giniko Arabic TV installation.

Step 2

Install "Downloader" Apps From the Amazon Fire TV Store

Go to the Amazon Fire TV home again page, then navigate all the way to the "Settings" tab on the far right.

Then, using either the "Search tool" on the far left or the Alexa voice search button on your remote, search for "Downloader."

Highlight the result below to get to the app page on the Amazon Appstore.

Install the "Downloader" application. Downloader app will automatically begin the installation process. Highlight and select
"Downloader" to start.
Downloader app will appear on the home page and under "Apps." You are ready install our application at Step 3.

Step 3

Download and Install Giniko Arabic TV Amazon Fire TV Application

Open and start "Downloader" appplication. At URL section enter: http://ginikoarabic.com/firetv
And click "Go" to Install
Select "Install" to start installation
Select "INSTALL" to start installation Then Click "OPEN" to start Giniko Arabic TV App.
Giniko Arabic TV app will appear on the home page and under "Apps."


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